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brun finnraccoon nøglering pels

Finn racoon (murmansky fur)

Finn raccoon (murmansky fur) is fur from a kind of raccoon, and its fur bears some similarity to fox fur in terms of its appearance. The difference is that the guard hairs on finn raccoon are stiffer than those on fox fur, providing a solid structure for the coat. Choose between a range of lovely accessories such as key rings made of this type of fur. There are several colours to choose from.

If it rains, you should try to avoid wearing fur. If you are out already and it starts to rain, do not despair. Fur is a natural material and can withstand being wet, as long as you let it dry thoroughly before hanging it away. Here at furbysofie we have selected a beautiful and stylish range of products of finn raccoon fur.

Fragt og retur

Babysko i lam brun

Lamb fur

Lamb fur is a short-haired fur that is soft and exquisite. Lamb fur and lambskin have a very nice feel and look, and in addition to that, they are both very solid materials. Here at furbysofie, we sell both fur jackets, accessories and shoes made of lamb fur and lambskin. If it happens to be raining outside, we do recommend that you leave your fur at home for the day. However, because we are dealing with a strong quality natural material, it should not be an issue if the fur becomes wet. It "falls in on itself" until it dries, and then it is completely fine again. Always make sure that your coat is thoroughly dry before hanging it or putting it back in your wardrobe. Below you can see Furbysofie's selected styles in lambskin and let yourself be tempted by the exciting selection in exclusive designs and materials.

Minkpels i camouflage mønster

Mink fur

Mink is one of the most exclusive types of fur and lasts for several generations. Mink is very exclusive and beautiful and is always en vogue. This type of fur can be used year-round if only you have some different styles. At furbysophie we have mink fur for all seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. We recommend that you avoid wearing fur in heavy rain. If you happen to be stuck out in the rain, mink fur can tolerate getting wet. You just need to remember to let it dry before hanging it or putting it back into your wardrobe. Fur "falls in on itself" when it gets wet, but since it is natural material, it will be fine again once it is entirely dry. Mink is naturally available in different colours such as mahogany, wild mink, pastel, black, sapphire, silver blue and many more. In addition, the fur can be colored to achieve any desired colour. Here at furbysophie we have selected a very special range of mink products that we hope suits your taste. The range spans from small accessories to mink jackets and coats.

Pink minkring

Mink fur rings

Petite mink bælte

Fur belts

Brunt pels halstørklæde i strikket mink

Fur scarves

Here at furbysofie we have carefully chosen exclusive scarves for our range - both online and in our showroom. Here you have the opportunity to get your hands on beautiful scarves in mink, fox and finn raccoon (murmansky) fur. The mink scarves are available in black, brown and grey fur. The scarves can be used on weekdays and for festive occasions - so there are many chances to make good use of it. The fur scarves are both practical and beautiful. Fur looks good with any outfit and makes it look exclusive and chic. A fur scarf really is the ideal finishing touch to any look.

perstel hårelastik på kvinde

Fur hair scrunchies

A scrunchie made of mink fur is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Here is a selection of beautiful mink fur scrunchies in different colours. Whichever hair colour or outfit you wear, here you can always find a scrunchie that is a perfect match. A fur scrunchie is a great accessory, which compliments your entire outfit. It can also be used as an elegant bracelet, so you always have a scrunchie with you. Using a fur scrunchie is a modern and chic way to put up your hair. It just has that something special and is perfect for any true fashionista who is not afraid to try something new and who loves to stand out from the crowd. The scrunchie is a wonderful little gift idea for the woman who loves fashion and fur.

Kvinde med Pels klipklapper og brun/guld kjole

Fur sandals

Hos furbysofie tilbyder vi eksklusive og moderigtige pels klipklappere til overkommelige priser. Enhver kvinde ved, at de helt rigtige sko fuldender outfittet, og med vores skønne styles opnår du et stilfuldt look, som både kan dresses op eller ned. Pels er et tidløst og klassisk materiale, som løfter ethvert outfit med det samme, og vores pels klipklapper er derfor perfekte som en chic detalje til forårs- og sommertøjet. Brug dem f.eks. med en yndig kjole for et råt men feminint look, eller par dem med jeans og skjorte for en moderne kombination. De lækre pels klipklapper er også så behagelige, at de også kan bruges i hjemmet som luksushjemmesko. Pelsen er nøje udvalgt, så du får en lækker kvalitet, som er holdbar, og som du vil blive glad for i mange år frem. Vil du opleve kvaliteten med egne øjne, har vi et showroom i København, hvor du kan prøve klipklapperne. Her kan du også se og mærke vores mange andre lækre pelsstyles.

grålig pels pandebånd

Fur headband

A mink fur headband is a stylish and exclusive way to keep your ears warm on a cold day. There is elasticity in all models, so it's easy to put the headband on and take it off. The headband in a modern Nordic design will fit perfectly into any fashionista's wardrobe. The headband is elegant and feminine and is available in many pretty colours and shades. Among others are black, brown and grey fur headbands that you can easily match with your favorite winter jacket and other accessories in either knitted materials, fur or leather. Thanks to our wide range of beautiful accessories, you can look elegant and chic facing the winter weather in fur.

sort og hvid koskindspude

Fur pillows

Hos furbysofie forhandler vi også lækre og unikke skind- og pels puder, som du kan indrette hjemmet med. Puderne er lavet af en eksklusiv og bæredygtig kvalitet, som holder til at blive brugt i dagligdagen. Derudover bliver pels og skind kun smukkere og mere unik, jo mere patina de får. Du får derfor et elegant og klassisk accessorie til en pris, der er til at betale, og som vil pynte smukt i dit hjem i mange år.

De smukke pels puder kan bruges overalt i din bolig. Pift sofaen op med en blød og behagelig pelspude, eller giv den gamle lænestol nyt liv med en håndlavet skindpude. Pels puderne tilfører et naturligt og råt look, og er perfekte, hvis du kan lide den nordiske, minimalistiske boligtrend. Det er de små detaljer, som gør den store forskel, og med vores udvalg kan du helt sikkert finde lige det design, som giver din indretning det sidste finish.

sort kort minkjakke med krave

Types of fur

furbysofie sells classic, high quality fur products. All furs are carefully chosen and each has unique features and characteristics. They are all made of a solid and durable material, which ensures that you can use it season after season, year after year. Fur is a material that has always been used for clothing, and as a result, it truly is a timeless classic in any wardrobe. You can choose from several types of fur such as mink, fox, finn raccoon (murmansky), lamb, rabbit and seal. In our large, exclusive selection of fur products, you can easily find one or more variants that are perfect for you and your style. An exquisite fur coat or fur accessories will compliment any woman's wardrobe.

furbysofie pelshue i hvid med lyserød kvast

Fur accessories

furbysofie makes sure you have the chance to find the right little detail to make all the difference! Here at the webshop and in the showroom in Copenhagen we have carefully selected a lot of beautiful designs for you. Fur accessories are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit that just needs a little something extra. Our range includes scarves, baby shoes in lambskin, mink fur hair elastics, mink fur headbands, mink hats, mink butterfly bow ties, fox fur bags, jewellery with mink fur and mink fur key chains. Fur accessories can be used all year round and instantly add an air of elegance to your look. You can see the entire selection below, or click to look at the different subcategories if you are looking for a specific type of fur accessory. 

Mahogany mink butterfly

Fur butterfly (bow tie)

This mink fur butterfly bowtie for men comes in a stylish and unique design. It is fashionable and attention catching in just the right way! There is nothing more masculine than a butterfly to truly "make" the outfit. This unique mink bowtie is sure to be noticed. The butterfly is available in mahogany and white mink fur and is already tied so it is ready to wear for a party or another special occasion. It is the perfect  gift idea for the man who has everything. This is sure to be a gift that will bring great you to any stylish man.

Babysko i lam brun

Fur children's shoes

On this page you can buy a pair of warm lambskin baby shoes for newborns. The baby shoes are breathable and soft thanks to the high-quality natural material that fits perfectly to sensitive little feet. The baby shoes are fitted with laces so they can be stretched and fit all small feet perfectly. Our baby shoes and children's shoes in fur are available in black and brown. This is the perfect childbirth gift or christening gift for a new little prince or princess who deserves nothing but the best. Fur and skins are wonderful materials to use for accessories and shoes for babies and young children, because they are soft, flexible and comfortable for the little ones to wear.

læderhandsker med kaninkant

Fur gloves

Here is a nice selection of knitted mink gloves in a variety beautiful colors. The gloves are available in black, grey and a wonderful purplish-grey, which are some very pretty colors that are easy to match with different types of outerwear and accessories. The mink fur gloves are warm and have a luxurious feel. They are perfect to protect you from the cold when you are cycling or taking a walk, as they completely shut out harsh winds. The knitted mink fur headband goes perfectly with these gloves. The set can be used together or individually as desired. The beauty of fur is that it complements all materials and many different styles.

furbysofie pelshue i hvid med lyserød kvast

Fur hats

Here at furbysofie we have made it fashionable to wear knitted mink hats in brown or grey mink. There is nothing more beautiful than a mink hat to go with a winter coat. You are sure to feel well-dressed and elegant in your outerwear when fur is added to the mix. The mink fur hat is both warm and comfortable to wear on a cold winter day. Elastic makes the hat easy to put on and take off. The fox fur tassel at the top is a wonderful contrast to the mink fur. Because of this unique combination, the hat truly has its own charm and is perfect for both younger and more mature looks. Take a closer look at the nice hats on the web shop or visit us in our showroom in Copenhagen, where we would be more than happy to show you the hats and the other fur accessories.

Minkpels med ræve manchetter og stor ræve krave

Fur jackets

Here at furbysofie we offer an exclusive selection of unique women's fur jackets. There are exquisite mink fur jackets, rabbit fur jackets and jackets in lambskin to choose from, and we are constantly expanding our range. The fur jackets are everyday jackets at affordable prices but the quality has in no way been compromised. The fur jackets can be used for small everyday events, but they are also perfectly suited for festive occasions. It all depends on how the fur is styled and what it is worn with. The combination of fur and jeans is a chic, modern classic. Fur jackets are timeless and sustainable as they last for many years. If you are in doubt about the size, do not worry - we have international shipping and a showroom in Copenhagen, where you can try on the jackets. We are happy to help you find the right style for your personal style.

Karamel rævekrave

Fur collars and cuffs

lyseblå og rød stjerne nøglering i mink

Fur key chains

furbysofie has made it easy to find your keys in your bag. You just need to search for out soft key chain and you are sure to find them in no time. Fur key chains are both wonderfully practical and stylish. The key chains can be purchased in mink, fox and finn raccoon (murmansky) fur. These three types of fur each have their distinctive looks and make for beautiful key chains. They will transform your keys into an accessory instead of  just a practical item. The key chains can also be used as charms for your bag, so it can be personalised and become more exclusive with fur. This trend is seen at many of the major international fashion houses, and now you can easily follow in their footsteps! 

Sort mink halskæde

Fur jewellery

At furbysofie we appreciate little fur details. On this page we have a small and unique selection of jewellery that is sure to add edge and personality to your outfit. We offer, among other things, a mink fur necklace and a mink fur ring that can be used separately or together as a set. Fur jewellery creates a special look that will catch attention up while also looking very elegant. The long necklaces are perfect for everyday use - the length gives them a casual look, while the fur adds some elegance and exclusivity. Together with the gorgeous rings, they will leave you feeling well dressed, down to the very last detail. Our jewellery makes for the perfect gift idea for your girlfriend or friend who appreciates good quality and beautiful design.

Koral rød skuldertaske i mink

Fur bags

furbysofie's range of bags currently consists of two unique fox fur bags. We offer fashionable fur bags that are the perfect accessory for any quality-conscious woman. It is a true statement to wear a fur bag on your shoulder. The bags in fox fur are available as a small purse or as a big weekend bag. You can even bring the weekend bag into work as there is room for a computer, there is a special phone pocket and space enough for other important things you need to have in your weekday bag. The small shoulder bag in fox fur has room for phone, a couple of cards and keys - it really is perfect for a girls' night out. A fur bag provides an otherwise casual outfit a unique edge and personality, and there are endless opportunity for how to style it.

Pels halstørklæde i kashmir

Rex rabbit

Rex rabbit is more fine than normal rabbit skin. Rex rabbit's characteristics is the softness of the skin. The coat is very close and straight, and they are about 15 to 20 mm. long. The skins very prominent undercoat make the rex rabbit feel very soft. 

Bordeaux ræve manchetter til at pynte en frakke

Fox fur

Fox fur is a solid material that lasts for many years. Fox fur is especially nice, particularly for accessories and scarves as it is a fluffy material. The fur can be dyed in a variety of colours to suit different styles. Here at furbysofie we recommend that you do not wear fur rainy days. Should it start to rain while you're out with your fur, fox fur can tolerate getting wet. You just have to remember to let it dry properly when you get home. When the coat is dry it will be fine once again. Below you can see the selection of fox fur products that you can buy here at furbysofie.



At Furbysofie we will be delighted to welcome you in our showroom in Copenhagen, which is full of beautiful fur products for the fashion-conscious woman. You have the option to schedule a visit to the showroom, which is located centrally in Copenhagen, in Christianshavn. There are good options for parking available for when you come to look at our selection of beautiful and luxurious furs.

Here you have the chance to see, feel and try on the fur items that you are interested in. There will be personal service and help with any questions you may have about fur, leather or a certain style. If you are looking for a fur product to go with a particular outfit, you can bring this to our showroom and try it all together to create a put-together look. This way it is easier for you will find something that fits you and your style perfectly.

If we do not have your size in our showroom, it is, of course, possible to order a specific size home for you without any obligation for you to purchase the product. We want to satisfy our customers with flexible and professional service.

We truly value customer satisfaction and we look forward to meeting you and have a good chat in the showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. To schedule an appointment with us, please contact Sofie through telephone +45 30 80 80 42.

We look forward to seeing you in our showroom in Copenhagen.