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Minkpels i mink - pastel
Minkpels i mink - pastel
Pels i lysebrun mink
Mellemlang pels i pastel mink
Mellemlang pels i pastel mink
Minkpels i lysebrun mink
Pastel mink pels med lommer
Pastel mink pels med hægter


Pastel mink fur coat

3.999,00 DKK

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This is a size small.

This light-coloured mink fur is suitable for everyday use, as it is both sporty and youthful. The jacket is ideal for when seasons are changing, as it is just as warm as a knitted blouse. The open neck allows for use with or without a scarf depending on the weather. The mink coat is made of small mink strips attached to the lining. It is possible to close the coat with hooks, but most of the time it will typically be open. The coat has a good fit. Go for a size larger than the one you usually wear, the coat runs small in size.