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Lamb fur

Lamb fur is a short-haired fur that is soft and exquisite. Lamb fur and lambskin have a very nice feel and look, and in addition to that, they are both very solid materials. Here at furbysofie, we sell both fur jackets, accessories and shoes made of lamb fur and lambskin. If it happens to be raining outside, we do recommend that you leave your fur at home for the day. However, because we are dealing with a strong quality natural material, it should not be an issue if the fur becomes wet. It "falls in on itself" until it dries, and then it is completely fine again. Always make sure that your coat is thoroughly dry before hanging it or putting it back in your wardrobe. Below you can see Furbysofie's selected styles in lambskin and let yourself be tempted by the exciting selection in exclusive designs and materials.