If you take good care of your fur jacket, it can last for many years.

1. Hang the coat on a broad-shouldered hanger to keep the coat in shape. If you hang a heavy coat on a thin hanger, it will be pulled out of shape.

2. A wet fur coat should dry in a naturally ventilated room. It may be a good idea to shake it first, then it will dry faster. Do not use heat sources such as hair dryers or radiators, as this will damage the leather's natural fat layer and the ability to hold on to the hair. When it is dry, shake it again so they hairs return to shape.

3. Protect your coat with a wool or cotton bag, if you do not use the coat for long periods. It will protect your fur from clothing moths. Do not leave the coat in a plastic bag, as this will dry out the skin and the hairs may begin to fall off.

4. Store the fur in your coolest room in the summer and avoid hanging it in direct sunlight.

5. Take your fur to a professional fur cleaner if it needs to be cleaned. Never wash it in the washing machine.

6. Repair your fur if there are stitches that have gone up. We are very happy to help with that, so please get in touch with us. We repair both our own and other furs.

If you have questions for us, please contact us by phone 30808042 or by email sofiebirkerod@furbysofie.dk

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