furbysofie is an online webshop that specialises in selling fur products. With a focus on good quality and beautiful design at reasonable prices. Adding a little fur to your outfit means adding an air of elegance and exclusivity to it. 

My passion for fur is practically in my genes. Sofie grew up on a mink farm in Denmark and I am the fourth generation in my family to work in the fur industry. I know fur's way from the farm to the shop - and I know what is worth going for. My great-grand father started with a few minks in his backyard, since then it has grown bigger and bigger. 

Sofie started furbysofie in 2014, because she was sick of the traditional fur coats for old ladies. She wanted fur to be suited for the everyday for younger people. Many of our coats are made out of mink tails, which gives them a more raw look, but at the same time the coats are value for money.

furbysofie continuously works to find new, beautiful products and will do anything to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

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