Does your fur need a gentle hand or a new look, so you will use it more?

It is important for us, you use your fur as long as possible to utilize how long fur can stay beautiful.

In collaboration with a Danish furrier we offer repair, service and upcycling of your fur coats both from furbysofie and other fur brands to competitive price. Together with you our furrier can guide you to how to make the most out of your old fur coat. Together you can create a timeless design, which extent the lifetime of your fur coat and increase your enjoyment while wearing it.

Every fur needs to be judge individually to give you the right price. Contract us if you want to know more about your possibilities regarding service, repair and upcycling of your fur.

For more information about prices and your possibilities please contract us to the right. Remember to click on "submit" to send the message and we will return to you as fast as possible. 

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