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mørkebrun pelshue men en kvast i gråblå
mørkebrun pelshue men en kvast i gråblå
pelsen på huen er mørkebrun
minkhuen er onesize
huen holder hovedt varmt


Mahogany mink hat

799,00 DKK

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Mink hat in mahogany mink is made out of high quality of mink. The dark brown mink with dark hair, which gives a beautiful natural look to the mink hat. The fur is twisted tightly around an elastic net, which secures both fur in- and out-side. On the top of the fur hat is a finncocoon tassel in gray blue. Mahogany mink hat is a beautiful accessory while also being practical and warm. Mink is a breathable material, which makes the mink hat to be extremely comfortable to wear. The hat is in one size and fits most.