At furbysofie, we love fur and wish to share this passion with you. We think fur should be worn everyday, all seasons. 

Fur is sustainable

At furbysofie, we believe fur is sustainable, because fur is long lasting, it can be recycled and is naturally biodegradable.

Mink is one of the most solid fur types, because is can last for 40 years. It occurs often, that a fur coat goes though generations. This also minimize the need for additional coats. 

At furbysofie, most of our styles are made in mink, since we love it is long lasting and unique. Many of our style are made of scraps from the full fur production. Scraps opens for the opportunity to create a new and unique pattern. At the same time it gives our styles are more down to earth look. When you sew a full fur coat, they only use the finest part of the mink and the scraps are what we use in our collections. This lower the costs on raw materials, and why our coats are more affordable. However, this does not affect the quality or the long lasting element. 

You can read more about sustainability and fur here: Fur and Sustainability - a Design Perspective

Circular bio economy

We know, the main reason for breeding mink is to use the fur from the animals, but the rest of the mink is also used for fertilizer, cement, asphalt and biodiesel. Biodiesel has far less environmental impact, than conventional fuel. Furthermore, the mink are fed with residues from our food production. 

The mink farmers constantly ensure optimal animal welfare, as the welfare affects the quality of the skin. Optimal animal welfare provides better production, financial gain, and a more enjoyable everyday life as their animals thrives. 

We hope we have managed to share why we are so fond of the beautiful and sustainable coat. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

You can read more about fur and sustainability here: A product from the nature

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