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Brownie minkhue posere
Brownie minkhue posere
Kvinde med brun pelshue på
Brun pelshue med matchende pelshandsker
brun pels hue med brun top
Stikket brun pelshue
minkhue med mokka finnraccoon kvast


Brownie mink hat

799,00 DKK

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Mink hat in mahogany mink is made out of high quality of mink. The color is dark brown with various brown shades, which gives a beautiful natural look. The fur is twisted tightly around an elastic net, which secures both fur in- and out-side. At the top of the fur hat is a mocha finnraccoon tassel. The mink hat is a beautiful accessory, while also being practical and warm. Mink is a breathable material, which makes the mink hat to be extremely comfortable to wear. 

- The hat is in one size and fits the most.